This Book Could Save (the rest of) Your Life – The Ultimate Resource for Making Our Golden Years Golden

Scott teaches us how to prepare for and embrace the later stages of life, take charge, and truly make our golden years golden.  Using his decades of experience working with baby boomers and senior citizens, his financial industry background, and his own personal experiences, Scott addresses these common concerns with a voice of wisdom, understanding, and humor that takes the fear factor out of aging. It’s Never Too Late offers practical advice for building a secure and fulfilling future before and after retirement.

In It’s Never Too Late you’ll learn about:

  • Scott’s personal wake-up call when his parents’ retirement plan collapsed.
  • Wisdom and insights for seniors who want to live a life of greater vitality.
  • Tangible ways that seniors can reduce expenses and generate extra income.
  • Helpful guidance and advice when considering things like long-term care insurance policies, reverse mortgages or retirement communities.
  • New trends in co-living arrangements, like in the popular sitcom, Golden Girls.
  • 4 Tips to keep in mind if you are considering a move for retirement.
  • How long you are expected to live, and ways to beat the odds!
  • The case for pre-planning your funeral arrangements – Scott shares his experience of planning his brother’s funeral, which profoundly illustrates why pre-planning can be the best gift you can give your loved ones.

With easy-to-follow steps to quickly restore hope and faith for our future, It’s Never Too Late offers a holistic methodology anyone is fully capable of following if they’re willing to get into motion.

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