Corporate and Organizational Retirement Planning Presentations

Relevant for Audiences of All Ages


ScottSpeaking2Wm. Scott Page is a dynamic, engaging, and authentic speaker with a heart for helping people think about their longevity and how to get the most out of the remainder of their life.

With his experience as President and CEO of The Lifeline Program and his credibility as an originator of the life insurance settlement industry, Scott is sought after by corporate and organizational audiences alike for his ability to take complex statistics and boil them down to simple, practical exercises anyone can apply to their lives right away.

Scott addresses audiences on the following speech topics:

The Good & Bad News of Living Longer

We’re all living longer. Great! Most of us aren’t financially prepared for this reality. Not great.

In this 45-minute keynote, Scott helps audience members:

  • Estimate their life expectancy based on lifestyle and hereditary factors
  • Understand how to take inventory and organize their possessions to capitalize on funds they can gain now
  • Assess their options for what he calls “Un-Retirement”
  • Begin planning for their funerals in a non-morbid and even fun way

The Un-Retirement 

Because of our increased longevity, many seniors are able-bodied enough to continue working while also drawing Social Security and retirement income from a former career.

In this 45-minute keynote, audience members learn:

  • Ways to keep the cash flowing into retirement
  • How to evaluate senior living options

It’s Never Too Late: Starting Your Business Later in Life

Did you know that after years of working odd jobs, Colonel Sanders opened his first KFC franchise at the age of 62? Artist Louise Bourgeois didn’t gain fame until late in her career at the age of 71! “Old age” doesn’t have to stop you from starting the business of your dreams.

In this 45-minute keynote or half-day workshop, participants learn:

  • Inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who bloomed late in life
  • Practical “how-to’s” of setting up a business
  • How to use local and online business tools for success and growth

Contact Scott Page at: SCOTT@SCOTTPAGE.COM