Free Online Retirement Tools

As a personal retirement planning and organizing expert, one of the first questions my friends ask me is, “What tools do you use to organize and manage your retirement years?” My favorite tool happens to be Excel. That’s not an interesting answer, now is it? But, when you have some idea of how long you might live, the process becomes easier. This is why I highly recommend that you first take a look at my longevity calculator and use this fun and exciting starting tool to help develop your very own personal timeline. Next, to help remove some of the clutter and get the basics out of your way, I am offering the following worksheets that you can print out and use with my book. Use these to help you make those odd or emotionally challenging decisions that really should require very little thought. Good luck, and let’s get started.

InventoryInventory Worksheet

Organize all of your valuable assets.

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InventoryValuable Objects to Keep

Determine which of your valuable items you want to keep and why.

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InventoryValuable Items to Give Away Now

Determine which items you can give away now.

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InventoryValuable Objects to Sell

Identify which items you want to sell and determine their worth.

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InventoryConsidering A Move

Use this worksheet to determine the best city for your needs.

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InventoryMove Forward

Having a hard time letting go? Try this exercise.

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